Though we came to China to immerse ourselves in the country’s rich history and culture, we cannot deny that the panda visit was a welcome perk. While many of our friends and family have had their eyes glaze over whilst we discussed the historical highlights of our trip, everyone seems to wake up when we talk about the pandas. As requested, we are posting more of our panda pictures.

We know how you feel, panda.

Panda Posse


7 responses to “Pandamonium

  1. Can you fit one or two in your suitcase? Jenn I adviced you to get the Baggellini bag, you could have fit them all! Have Fun.

  2. ilike2forkmyself

    How many of them are left?

  3. watch out for those panda posses. they might try to bamboozle you!

  4. I gotta admit, the panda thing is the coolest ever. I’m drinking panda Kool-Aid.

  5. cute overload!! that baby walking up the steps made me die.

  6. Swirly's Sissy

    ilike2forkmyself : If you have Netflix, I highly advise the BBC’s Wild China, which is available for instant viewing. A guy I know from work said it’s one of the best documentaries he’s seen about the flourishing and failing Chinese wildlife. It’s fantastically written, and really talks about how population spread in China has impacted some of the populations, and some of the grassroot efforts to pull up populations of some animals which are still eaten, despite being protected.

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