Relishing the Relics

Ahh, a veritable Disneyland for history fans. China is about as ancient as they come. While in Chengdu, we marveled at the ubiquitous artifacts. 

Sanxingdui Museum – excavations show that early civilization in China was not limited to the Yellow River. The Shu people were established along the Yangtze River. 



Dujiangyan Irrigation Project.  Designed by Li Bing, the irrigation efforts channeled the Min River and gave lasting life to the Sichuan Province. An amazing feat of engineering and construction considering it dates back to 300 B.C. 


Grand Buddha – Buddhist monk Haitong started this giant tribute back in 713AD. The hope was that the Buddha would help to tame the rivers that ran in front of it. After over 90 years the project was completed. It was a thrill taking the boat ride to see the Buddha in all its grandeur. We then walked up to the top (taking the safer, less steep route) and got to see Buddha’s head up close. 

You buddha belive it!


4 responses to “Relishing the Relics

  1. That is utterly amazing!! (Athough, the pandas are still my favorite…I can’t wait to show Emily when she gets home from the beach).

  2. Did you rub this Buddas Belly?

  3. ilike2forkmyself

    That gigantic statue was actually carved out of stone!? :0

  4. Kinda looks like Buddha had some Buddha-bless.

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