Wild Goose Pagoda

Wild Goose Pagoda


This pagoda was built in honor of Monk Xuanzang, known for travelling to India during the Tang Dynasty, and returning with Buddhist scriptures.  The story goes that there was not enough food to survive, and geese fell from the sky – as a result, he was fed, and was able to bring Buddhist thought to China – thus, the Wild Goose Pagoda.  

The pagoda was beautiful, and the sky was blue and bright.  We have since moved on to Beijing, and have yet to see even a peek of blue in the sky.  In large part this is due to the rampant industrialization across China.  

Industrialization in Xi'an


5 responses to “Wild Goose Pagoda

  1. The Pagoda,could you go in it?
    Back to the Stone Budda,the climb kinda remined me of the Statue of Liberty, only it was outside.

  2. Did you mention the Patterson Park Pagoda to anyone in China? Chris may have talked with you, but as of 7/17 you have a nephew. Name to be determined shortly, we hope. More details later.

  3. I have a nephew! How wonderful!!! Please let me know details when you have them! 🙂

  4. We could go walk up the pagoda and the Big Buddha, but opted not to. Actually, for the Buddha we took a different route up to his head. It was great. We tried to save our energy for the Great Wall, the mother of all climbs. Details about our Beijing antics will soon follow.

  5. beautiful

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