Mother of all signs

Taken at the Summer Palace in Beijing


7 responses to “Mother of all signs

  1. Just say NO !!!

  2. Communists don’t let you have any fun. I mean I love to sit on tables.

  3. It’s girls who want to have fun. Not in this place. you cant’t do nothing but stand still. I would end up in the pokey for sure. I love to pick flowers. I wonder if my AAA bail bond card would work.

  4. Okay so I can agree with the whole not shooting anyone thing. But if you get to do everything else on the list you’ll be so happy you won’t want to shoot anybody.

  5. ilike2forkmyself

    Honestly! Who would drive a taxi and light a bonfire inside of the Summer Palace?
    Is this the same summer palace that the last Empress rebuilt? With the funds that were to modernize the country

  6. This would be great to smuggle back into the States. Can’t you see it on your wall?

  7. where’s the no spitting or pulling up your shirt sign?

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