The Great Pall of China

View from Beijing Hotel Room


 20 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are in China, and Beijing is the greatest offender. The disastrous effects that the rapid industrialization has had on air quality have seemingly gone unchecked, and as a result, impressive sites in and around Beijing are slightly less so.  

Great Wall is there somewhere


Even on a day when the sun shone through the smog, the sky was simply brighter, but still a pall of gray hung over the city. With the exception of two years ago, when the government went to great lengths to improve the air quality during the Olympic Games (including cutting off electricity to certain parts of the city), the pollution in Beijing has gotten noticeably worse.  

Green? Really?


Murky gray at best


4 responses to “The Great Pall of China

  1. Swirly's Sissy

    It’s sad that China’s not taking lessons from the US losses during the Industrial Revolution, and even farther back to the destruction of various prairie, swamp and river habitats for the spread of farming. With all we are doing (spending, inventing, un-building) to take back some of the damage done, you’d think that cities around the world would realize how costly these rapid expansions are going to be 50 or 100 years from now. Not to mention the unbelievable healthcare strain that these areas are no doubt going to see grow exponentially over the upcoming 50 years as people get ill and die from living in these conditions.

  2. Hope you were able to hold your breath for most of the time in Beijing, before heading for the (hopefully) more pristine air of Inner Mongolia. Marcus Paul Coker; Jenn’s new nephew, sends his regards.

  3. This is interesting. And possibly useful.

  4. ilike2forkmyself

    I like gray weather,but to see it every day is just depressing……….

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