The Commies are Coming

Tiananmen Square viewed from the north


Tiananmen Square is the largest open-urban square in the world (constructed 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty), and is capable of holding 1,000,000 people at one time, yet today the law limits the number permitted to congregate at no more than 10.  As a result of what the Chinese term as an “incident” in 1989, heavy monitoring of peoples’ movements and actions can be detected throughout the square.  

The Man is watching


The Po-Po


Despite this freedom found in the square, everyone in China seems to pilgrimage to Tiananmen Square to have his or her picture taken with Mao – including us.  The Chairman’s face, which has been plastered on the northern most building of Tiananmen Square since he came to power in 1949, has been replaced every few months due to weather conditions (as well as a few cases of vandalism).  

The Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad Obligatory Mao Group Photo


6 responses to “The Commies are Coming

  1. Wow, it feels very sterile. How did it feel when you were there?

  2. where are the tanks? or am I not supposed to ask that…do you think they are monitoring this right now….

  3. Its a little bit like Baltimore Traffic Cams.. I hope Chris doesnt get an envelope with a picute of you walking to fast. HA HA Jenn

  4. ilike2forkmyself

    Now I really want a picture of Chairman Mao to hang in my room… 🙂

  5. We should have a picture of The Chairman in Times Square, but like in 3D.

  6. Hi Diane! I have enjoyed your blog and hope the trip has been fabulous for all involved! Love the photos!

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