Diane grew up in the environs of historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the village of Audubon.  She spent her college years at New York University, earning a degree in Individualized Study.  During this time she performed at Town Hall in New York City as part of the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, hosted the radio show Get Your Jig On, and spent a semester living in Prague, traveling throughout much of Eastern Europe.  Diane unintentionally began her teaching career as a numeracy instructor in a GED program for ex-offenders.  The parolees convinced her she would be of great use to younger versions of themselves, and before she knew it, she had spent six years teaching Global History at a small, public, secondary school in Brooklyn.

Jenn is a native of Connecticut. She earned an undergraduate degree in Social Science with a concentration in Secondary Education from Radford University. Jenn then went on to complete a graduate program in Social Science at Towson University in Maryland. From there she moved to New York City and began teaching at a small 6-12 public school in Brooklyn. Upon returning to Maryland in 2007, Jenn continued her teaching career at a public high school in Fulton, MD. Jenn currently teaches American History to a wonderful group of enthusiastic and energetic ninth graders. She very much looks forward to the upcoming experience in China and the new insight and perspectives that she may then introduce into the classroom.


2 responses to “About

  1. Robert (Diane's Cousin) DiRita

    Can anyone say, Chinese Thanksgiving?:)

  2. LOVE it…it’s got my vote! Di, pick up some items for the holiday. Good to plan ahead!

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